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What do Air Barrier Systems do?

An air barrier system is designed to keep outside air from entering a building, and keep the inside air from leaving. When it is cold outside, the warm air remains inside and keeps the cold air out. The opposite happens when it is warm outside; keeping the warm air outside and the cool air inside. In addition to the comfortable temperature these systems provide, they can provide energy savings to your building.

There are four types of air barrier systems.


This system will provide the insulation and air barrier. When used on the exterior of the building, it can also provide the vapor barrier and drainage plane to prevent any moisture trying to enter the building.


This is the most cost effective way to create an air barrier. The material is applied to the walls by conventional techniques. For this to be effective, it has to be installed according to manufacturer’s instructions. There is little tolerance for any mistakes during installation.


This air barrier can be vapor permeable or vapor barriers depending on what type is needed in the building design. They form a monolithic barrier that can keep the air and water where it belongs.


This product is a peel and stick product. It also comes in both vapor permeable or vapor barrier forms. They can be applied over other materials to provide the air barrier that is needed.

Benefits of Air Barrier Systems

  • Prevents moisture from forming on the walls and other building components
  • Helps ensure better air quality
  • Keeps room at a consistent temperature
  • Lowers the cost of heating and cooling the building
  • Cost-effective to install and maintain